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We are more than just a service business, we are a people business. 
We pride ourselves on transparency, efficiency, and fairness.

Reliable Auditors

With over 100 years of combined detentions experience, our auditors are well versed in solving the nuances of corrections management and understand the value of being timely and efficient.

Experienced & Credible

Our PREA auditors are DOJ PREA Auditor Certified and have passed all FBI background checks. Our auditors are experienced and knowledgeable and able to provide the answers that you need.

Advanced Tech

All of our communications are secured via a secure socket layer. Our audits and necessary paperwork are stored on secured cloud servers which allows our auditors to do their job effectively.


“We were extremely impressed as to how quickly they (PREA Auditors of America) performed the audits; as well as how well they worked with the facility PREA Compliance Manager. We recommend that if you have the opportunity to work closely with PREA Auditors of America for your auditing needs that you do so…you will not be disappointed.”

About us

Our Promise

We are able to conduct PREA Audits in juvenile detention facilities, adult correctional facilities, and jails nationwide. Auditors assigned to a facility will be responsible for the audit from beginning to end, including the pre-audit, onsite audit & interviews, as well as the post audit. The auditor will also be responsible for developing a corrective action plan for the facility, in the event the facility does not meet all standards of compliance. All documentation will be reviewed for completeness by another auditor prior to the submission of the final report.

01. We provide value

Our clients often work under tight budgets and guidelines. Part of our success is due to the simple fact that we understand and respect what our clients have to work with. Because of this we consistently provide the most value for our bids and remain on budget.

02. A great reputation

Our auditors understand that our reputation is always on the line. Because of this, we make it a constant goal to always remain professional, work according to guidelines and work in a way that will not disrupt our client’s day-to-day operations of corrections management.

03. Constantly Reliable

Longevity is the outcome of maintaining a valuable reputation.  To do this our auditors must work efficiently and treat every facility of our clients as if it was their own facility.  This causes PREA Auditors of America to constantly earn new, referred, and continued business.

Proven Success

Satisfied Clients

Our success is built on the facts that we complete every audit on time, on budget, efficiently and professionally. Our auditors have actual correctional experience in supervisory roles which gives PAOA the competitive edge against all other PREA auditing firms. Facilities that work with us know that we take care of business without disrupting the day-to-day work flow of management and staff. It is safe to say that we are the gold-standard for PREA auditing.

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Years of Detentions Experience

Experienced Auditors

Meet Our Team

Professional Leadership

Kathy Brownfield


With over 30 years of legal experience, Kathy has successfully grown PAOA into one of the industry’s leading audit firms.

Jule Brownfield

Vice President

With over 35 years of detentions experience, Jule sets the standards and leads the auditing team for PAOA.

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