PREA Training

PAOA has designed a training program to help eliminate sexual abuse in confinement facilities across the Nation.
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Our Program

We have certified expert PREA Trainers & Auditors who will provide your key staff with on-site PREA Standards and Implementation training. We will guide your facility staff to successfully prepare for a PREA Audit and provide multiple training documents on PREA standards.  


Our PREA Training Expert will conduct the following in regards to PREA:

  • Partial Staff interviews
  • Partial Inmate interviews
  • Facility inspection
  • Inmate records, Facility records, and other pertinent documents and reports review
  • PREA Policy review and implementation

Our conultants will then guide your facility staff to successfully prepare for a PREA Audit.

Proven Success

Satisfied Clients

Our success is built on the facts that we complete every audit on time, on budget, efficiently and professionally. Our auditors have actual correctional experience in supervisory roles which gives PAOA the competitive edge against all other PREA auditing firms. Facilities that work with us know that we take care of business without disrupting the day-to-day work flow of management and staff. It is safe to say that we are the gold-standard for PREA auditing.

Audits Completed

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Years of Detentions Experience

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Professional Leadership

Kathy Brownfield


With over 30 years of legal experience, Kathy has successfully grown PAOA into one of the industry’s leading audit firms.

Jule Brownfield

Vice President

With over 35 years of detentions experience, Jule sets the standards and leads the auditing team for PAOA.

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